Who We Are

As an American sports fan, no discussion has more appeal than the comparisons of one team of a generation vs. another team.  For example, my senior year in high school, our football team went 13-0, recorded the first undefeated season in school history and won its second state championship in a row.  That was 1986, and when it ever comes up among my high school peers, it is a source of pride.  And yes, it still comes up, albeit less frequently, with my 30 year reunion looming.  That’s just America.

In fact, often times, the discussion may be one team of a bygone era and the current team.  Within that discussion, whether it’s the changes in the game, or who is being recruited, or salary caps, the one constant, is that any American fan has the right to speak his/her mind.

Freedom of Speech in America is a fundamental right, often times linked with freedom of religion, and in our culture, the United States Constitution is often waived to defend statements, both controversial, religious, or stupid.  Our Constitution separates us from the world, and the rights we have as citizens, provided to us by our forefathers, our military and generations of lawmakers, allow us the beautiful voice of free speech. 

Going undefeated and winning a championship is the ultimate goal of a team and its fan base.  “40-0” might as well read ”WE BELIEVE IN PERFECTION”.  It is the Holy Grail.  It is the Fountain of youth.  It is an expression of unwavering belief, even in the face of ridicule, that perfection can be attained.

We believe in our players, especially in the amateur ranks, who get no compensation for their efforts on the court, with the hope that they give us their best, so that we may enjoy in their victories.  Not for the big schools, not for the organizations that run those leagues and tournaments, not for anyone, but the fans and the players we love.

We started 40-0, 40and0, www.40and0.com, in the fall of 2013 for that exact reason.  It is the reason we still wear the tee shirts and apparel proudly after our team has lost.  It’s not that they haven’t done it, or can’t do it in a season; it is the hope and belief that they will do it someday.

We offer our shirt in an array of colors, and from the beginning, have always asked a simple question, “Do you Believe?”    We do.  We hope you do too, and enjoy your right to freely express yourself.


 40-0, LLC

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